A-pak benelux wins an award with the "Coca Cola ball packing"!

This autumn A-pak benelux, which is a subsidiary of the German company Gissler & Pass G.m.b.H., has won an award (The “Goldene Welle”). This award has been presented by the “Verband der Wellpappen Industrie”, which is a well-established organization in the corrugated cardboard business (

The award has been presented because of:

- stylish concept
- good branding and advertising strength
- flexible handling

Peter Koopman (function: Marketing Project Manager) of Coca Cola was present to receive the award.
A-pak benelux has made the development for the Euro 2004 qualification of football.




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Coca Cola Euro 2004 action

Readers of the Trade Journal “Supermarket” have elected the Coca Cola action as the best In Store action of 2004. 
Van de Lei: “this action is great”. The introduction of the new football game is challenging and attractive, because it is new and refreshing. The trademark does contribute something new to the life of the buyer. The game deepens the EK feeling, which is something of great need. The design of the action is energetic; game bottles do refer to the rich history of the Coca Cola Trade mark. 
The company of Ruud van Nistelrooij really makes it complete.