A-pak benelux b.v. was founded in 1986 by Mrs. A.C. Post. She started her own company with the sole selling rights for products of Gissler & Pass, a German manufacturer of, amongst other things, corrugated cardboard displays and laminated corrugated cardboard packaging provided with offset print.

During recent years the supply programme has been extended through cooperation with several suppliers at home and abroad.
Techniques, such as embossing, foil printing, etc. can in most cases take place within these companies. This makes A-pak benelux b.v. a flexible partner.

In 2003 the market is already familiar with modern pre-press processes, such as CTP (Computer To Plate), as are our partners.
Together with the Research & Development department that is at its disposal, A-pak benelux b.v. works daily at the innovation of the supply programme. Therefore, we can be and remain a leading force in the market.