October 2006

Your product presentation is our challenge!

A-pak benelux b.v. is an expert in optimizing display and/or packaging material.

We would be pleased to show you this.

A-pak benelux b.v. can offer you the possibility, on the basis of a 3D illustration, or by means of a 3D animation, to be introduced to the first concept of packaging and or display proposal. This section can be started after receipt of your briefing and a meeting for orientation, in which on the basis of present and new developments, we can lay the foundations for the new packaging or display.

For our 3D animations you need a special plug-in. This is a small programme (with different navigation options) which sees to your perfect visibility of our presentation. Please download here the plug-in:
plug-in (4.53 Mb)

3D illustration


3D animation


For more information we kindly ask you to contact:

A-pak benelux b.v.
Huizermaatweg 25
1273 NA Huizen
Postbus 141
1270 AC Huizen
Phone +31 (0)35 528 8188
Fax +31 (0)35 528 8199


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