Supply programme

In corrugated cardboard :

corrugation thicknesses; G, F, E, B, C, EE, EB, GC, EC, BB, BC

In duplex :

200 to 600 grams

In massive cardboard :

all current thicknesses

Printing :

up to 6 colours + varnish in 1 printing cycle
G corrugation offset direct printing
F corrugation offset direct printing
flexography ; up to 7 colours + varnish in 1 printing cycle

Finishes :

windows, foil printing, embossing and UV varnishing

Design :

Laminated packaging
Duplex packaging
Die-cut and glued packaging
Packaging glued at 4, 6 and 8 points 
Packaging for automated processing
Foil window and normal presentation packaging
Very luxurious packaging, glued all around
Counter and shipment or pallet displays
Rolly and Dolly rolling displays
Point of Sale materials
Turnkey / full service


Packaging work for campaign displays/ packages and, if necessary, distribution