Why A-pak benelux b.v.?

In order to be able to determine the right choice of material and price / performance ratio a professional preparatory phase is of paramount importance. You can discuss all details of your enquiry with one of our account managers, so that we can come up with a clear quotation. A model or other visual material will help you to make the right decision in this context. 

The producers we collaborate with know that A-pak benelux b.v.’s business relations demand quality.

Quality in accordance with the criteria, which the packaging or display must meet, laid down together with you. Our most important suppliers have been DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and DIN EN ISO 14001:1996 certificated. Apart from our knowledge of materials, we also guarantee the safeguarding of the quality of your digital data. Your printed matter will be stored and kept up to date, so that in the event of a repeat order the quality of the printing can always be checked against the original order. In this way we can be regarded as an extension of your quality assurance system. Already at an early stage we supply you with technical guidelines for the provision of digital files for offset printing. This will prevent delays in the production process and unnecessarily high costs.

A-pak benelux b.v. has the availability of:

• a Customer Care team, which is regularly kept up to date with the latest market developments by means of internal and external training courses;

• knowledge of the cardboard industry, which makes possible an optimum price / performance ratio;

• a fully qualified field staff, whom you can ask the right questions in order to arrive at the best possible solution and who will go into your organization’s specific requirements;

• a service and customer focused team that makes sure that you will get what you want, namely a guaranteed quality that meets the agreed criteria.